Friday, December 2, 2011

saw saw, hammer hammer, Moo, SNAP! Creaakkk

I was trying to decide if I could get away with doing Thymbra without one of Xenephon's, I mean Cyrus's War Wagons. Seems a waste to build a couple and use them once, but what the heck. So I'm going to build 1, out of scraps, minimum work, just a few details and a lick of paint but I think it'll do for 1 game and then a prolonged lounge at the back of the shelf. I've borrowed oxen and have promised to send them back to the baggage train afterwards.

The fighting platform has some how ended up about 5mm lower than intended, that's what happens when you rush construction and used pressed labour rather than well trained engineers.

Now to turn some Basic Impetus army lists into a liberal interpretation of the opposing armies.  


  1. That's rather splendid! I especially like the 1980s-style flush fitting aerodynamic hub caps - even if the rest of the device appears to have quite a high drag co-efficient.

  2. Oh, and the sound effects in the title are great!

  3. If necessary to gain those 5mm back, Ross, you can always use a thicker base . . . or bigger wheels.

    Actually it looks quite good.

    -- Jeff

  4. The sound effects were recorded live.

    Drag? Are you referring to the archers in floor length skirts and fancy hair-do's?

    I'm thinking about trying to make the wheels look like they have hides covering them.

  5. Jeff, luckily the archers are aiming high but I may add some blocks and a false deck to raise the fighting platform so the archers can shoot more easily.

  6. Could give you an excuse to do a couple of sieges. As I recall, one theory is that the war wagons were really vague descriptions of siege engines.

  7. Rob, I was thinking about gluing the crew in when the thought that it could double as a siege tower came to mind. I'll add a siege or 2 to the list.