Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rickety but Ready for Action

The Persians practice with the new towers firing overhead in support of the infantry.

Its been a busy weekend, we walked a few dogs in the local Christmas Parade, there have been food and festivities, but I managed to paint up the tower and a token crew of archers. If I had thought about it before I glued it together, I'd had scribed planking onto it. If my micro-pen wasn't dead, I might have drawn planking on  The stuff on the wheels looked cheesy enough that I decided that in real life you wouldn't see the planking from any great distance so I just skipped it.

I was a little dismayed though that the ink on the orange crates that were used for the main body, bled right through 3 coats of paint. Oh well. Maybe one day I'll fix it.

The New Immortals, hastily painted up. 25mm Garrison


  1. It's turned out very nicely Ross. The Immortals look rather pleased with their new toy.

  2. Ross

    Looking good. I like the paint job on the wheels - amazing transformation from thumb tacks!