Monday, April 23, 2018

Small Dragons Rampant

Rob  (Sharp End of the Brush blog) will be running a multi-player 1/72nd Dragon Rampant event at Huzzah and I have agreed to bring 2 armies and be assistant GM.

Today I flocked the last of the new additions that were needed and I'm ready to go.

The first army is based around a box of Ancient Britons picked up on a nostalgic whim a decade ago. The Cauldron part was inspired by a child's book I read 45 years ago crossed with the wounded Briton and a stray cauldron from a Barzso Daniel Boone set. 

Black CauldronPts
WizardElite Foot10
Spellcaster, reduced model
Cauldron WarriorsBellicose Foot8
Offensive, Shiny Armour, No feelings, Fear
Wild HuntHeavy Riders4
HillmenBellicose Foot6Shiny Shields
Hillmen with leader riding to battle in his chariot plus a unit various resurrected warriors.

Cavalry, Wizard and Scouts

The second army was based on a box of Orion Vikings that I bought around the same time because they included copies of my old 25mm painted hard plastic Marx Vikings. One of my original Marx catapults has been included on one of the stands. It'll still send a matchstick across the room!

Men of the Sea
Viking KingHeavy Foot4
shieldwall, reduced model
GiantsElite Foot6
RaidersLight Foot4
short range missiles, shieldwall
RaidersLight Foot4
short range missiles, shieldwall
Thor's ArmHeavy Missles4(catapult)
Odin's EyesScouts2

2 units of Light Foot and some Scouts.

Heavy Foot, Catapult and Giants (Elastolin 4cm)