Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ambush played

A battle report on the Ambush of Queen Demiramis has been posted on my Battlegames blog. Some thoughts on rules to follow shortly along with the tweaked version.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Escort Duties

I've been trying to focus on my 19thC interests but every time I turn my back I can hear the rythamic clash spear against shield. In order to quiet them, I have decided to dig out an old Table Top Teaser.

"..You are to select positions for your force to ambush a convoy proceeding from the west. This convoy consists of Princess Zenobii of Kali and her considerable dowry escorted by soldiers of the future husband, the Emperor Osbosis of Dubris. You are to intercept and seize both Princess and dowry before They cross the bridge to the south and safety.".  for the original refight thanks to Steve the Wargamer

Tempting to use this as an excuse to paint up some Clibinari and set the game farther east but I'm sure the hills of Anatolia will provide a suitable site for an ambush.

Red Force (Ambush Party)             
1 unit of light archers  
1 unit of light slingers
1 unit of light/medium javelins
1 unit of light cavalry   

Blue Force (Road Party)
1 unit of light cavalry 
2 units of medium infantry
1 unit of light archers
1 small unit of super heavy cavalry
1 litter with bearers
1 wagon of treasure
1 unit of heavy cavalry 

hmm, I don't see any mention of a Priestess riding a Tiger, must be a misprint.

Now which side is which?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Old Soldiers

For those of you are fans of Charles Grant's book The Ancient Wargame as well as various magazine articles about historical battles re-fought, hie thee to the Garrison website for a treat. Rob has acquired some of Charles' old figures and has begun posting colour pictures.

In solidarity with and in homage to the herd of veteran Airfix elephants, I present Ellie. My own Airfix elephant, converted probably 1974/75 though the original Roman charioteer crew was replaced at some point in the 80's by RAFM figures. The original mahout still serves, but with a RAFM head.