Monday, February 1, 2010

The Opposing Armies

To give myself a framework, I will use the Persian and Greek lists found at the back of the 2nd Edition of Warhammer Ancient Battles with minor adjustment where appropriate. Since I am doing this for my entertainment I am not going to bother with points for the campaign but am going to give each side an equal number of units. Not all units are equal but hopefully the whole will balance well enough. Each side will have one General and in each game, if the general is not present, I will borrow an idea from the border skirmish idea and promote the commander of the senior unit present to be force commander with his usual stats but able to use his influence for units within 6" instead of the usual 12". Since this is itself a form of border campaign, neither King will take the field initially.  I will need to select the Generals and develop names, backgrounds and personalities for them. Hopefully I will do the same for the various unit commanders but if needs be I will improvise upon the field of battle.

Since the Persians organized in hundreds, thousands and ten thousands and each of my units is one of the thousands. it seems reasonable to start with 10 regiments of infantry. To this I will add some cavalry, some specialists and possibly some local levies and mercenaries if needed. All regiments will be 24 strong but cavalry and skirmishers will be fielded as 12 figure wings. The Lydians will then be given a force to match.

This is a first draft of the proposed armies for this year's campaigns. The hope is to increase this by at least 50% for next year.  In time I plan to add at least 1 unit each of Egyptian and Babylonian allies to the Lydian army.


1 mounted General
2 wings of Lydian cavalry (using Thessalian stats with heavy armour and  thrusting spear, these don't actually exist yet, at least 1 unit will be made from existing figures even if I have to strip and repaint them. Ideally 'Phrygian' helmets and either bronze cuirass or scale coselet  (Assyrian/Babylonian influence). Probably bare arms and legs but I'm considering trousers and  long sleeves to make them look less Greek, the jury is still out)
1 wing of subject Greek cavalry with heavy armour and javelin, (these exist but need selecting and buff up)
1 wing of subject Greek cavalry with thrusting spear (these exist as above)
1 wing of mercenary Thracian light cavalry with javelin (Thracian will be taken to include Bythnian, exists as above)
1 wing of mercenary light cavalry with javelin and shield (as above but these may later be  replaced by Paphlagonians or similar.)
4 regiments of mercenary hoplites (Greek or Lydian)  in heavy armour. (these exist but I'd like to replace some of the more 4thC looking ones.)
2 regiments of Phrygian light infantry with spear and javelin (en route)
1 regiment of Thracian peltasts with spear and javelin (existing)
1 regiment of Thracian peltasts with javelin and rhomphai or equivalent (existing)
1 regiment of archers -2 skirmisher wings (existing but I would like to replace one with Phrygian archers) 
1 regiment of skirmishers (1 wing with sling, 1 wing with javelin) existing.

plus 2 bolt throwers, (existing) a stone thrower and a wing of pioneers


1 General in chariot (existing)
1 wings of Mede cavalry with bow, javelin, shield (existing but I need to paint 1 laggard)
1 wing of 4 light chariots (3 done, the rest in waiting)
2 wings of cavalry with lt armour and javelin (existing)
2 wings of Skythian horse archers (existing though one is rather motly)
1 wing of Cappadocian light cavalry with javelins (existing)
1 wing of camel mounted archers (1/2 done)

1 regiment of Immortals with shield, light armour, bow and spear (existing)
2 regiments of Medes and Persians with some figures with bow, spear and shield, some with just bow
 (these exist but I need to touch up some downgraded Immortals to make them blend in.)
2 regiments of Skythian archers with bow (these exist)
1 regiment of local levy spearmen with shield and spear (pending)

1 regiments of levies/mercenaries with bow; spear. (need to add 6 figures by refurbishing)
2 wings of mercenary skirmishers (1 wing with sling, 1 with javelin) existing
2 wings of mercenary light infantry (1 with spear & bow, 1 with javelin and shield) existing

plus 2 bolt throwers, 1 stone thrower, 1 wing of pioneers (pending)

Actually, that's not quite enough units as some scenarios will require almost every man on the field but since I need to paint several units and flush out some extras in order to fill that OB, it will do for now.  When the basic OB is filled, I will start adding more. I do have some more hoplites as well as thureophorai and various spearmen and barbarians of various sorts that can be called in as needed if this proves inadequate.   

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