Sunday, February 14, 2010

Second Take

I have reworked the campaign army lists using the Persian list for both. The major compromise was the decison that since the Lydians seem to have been so proud of their cavalry and eager to hire/ally with good infantry, was to down grade all of the native infantry to levy status. Based  primarily on th Herodtus list from Xerxes army and a gut feel, I've also classed most of them as light infantry. I'm undecided on armour classification. According to the list, none of the light infantry may have light armour and the javelin armed Phyrgian infantry I have definitely are wearing some form of corslet, probably leather. Checking the rulebook, light armour is defined as a metal breastplate or chainmail, leather armour is not mentioned one way or the other so I could decide that anything less than mail doesn't count or decide that leather is just as good as mail and amend the army list. I'll with until they are painted. 

Here are the 2 armies keeping in mind that the goal is to have the following TT Teaser units:
2 HC, 2 MC, 2 LC, 8 infantry, 2 light infantry.  (I have used 2 skirmish units for each 'light infantry'. Technical light infantry that I expect to fight in closed ranks are included in with the line troops) All infantry are 24 strong, all skirmishers and cavalry are 12 strong. I rather wanted to field the cavalry as 2 wings of 12 and could have done so if starting from scratch but it would mean working to replace perfectly good existing cavalry so I'll let it slide until the armies grow again. there will be enough existing cavalry sidelined as it is. The existing armies are about 4,000 pts each.


1 mounted General

2 units of Lydian cavalry (using guard status with thrusting spear and armour), these don't actually exist yet, at least 1 unit will be made from existing figures even if I have to strip and repaint them. Ideally 'Phrygian' helmets and either bronze cuirass or scale coselet (Assyrian/Babylonian influence). Probably bare arms and legs but I'm considering trousers and long sleeves to make them look less Greek, the jury is still out)

1 unit of subject Ionian Greek cavalry with light armour armour and javelin, (these exist but need selecting and buff up)
1 unit of horse archers with light armour and bow. (based primarily on a mysterious vase painting of a horse archer in Greek armour just for something different)

1 units of  Bythnian or other cavalry with javelin (exists)
1 unit of 'barbarian' mercenary cavalry with javelin and shield (exist)

2 units of mercenary/subject Greek hoplites n heavy armour. (these exist)
1 unit of Merceanry Carian hoplites in light armour (no greaves) (I'll use existing 4thC hoplites but will eventually replace them)
2 units of Phrygian/Lydian spearmen in light infantry with spear and shield (coming)
3 units of Phrygian and Thracian light infantry with spear and javelin (2 Thracians exist, 1 late 4thC Thracians in helmets will be replaced by Phrygians with javelin. shield and axe, possibly in light armour)

2 units of skirmisher archers  (existing but I would like to replace one with Phrygian archers)
1 unit of javelin skirmishers (Thracians,  existing).
1 unit of slingers (Thracians, existing).

plus 2 bolt throwers, (existing) a stone thrower and a unit of pioneers

1 General in chariot (existing)

1 unit of cavalry with lt armour and javelin (existing)
1 unit of 4 light chariots (3 done, the rest in waiting)
1 unit of Mede cavalry with bow, javelin, shield (existing but I need to paint 1 laggard)
1 unit of camel mounted archers (1/2 done)
1 unit of Skythian horse archers (existing)
1 unit of Cappadocian light cavalry with javelins (existing)

1 unit of Immortals with shield, light armour, bow and spear (existing)
2 units of Medes and Persians with some figures with bow, spear and shield, some with just bow
2 units of Saka archers with bow (these exist but I want to replace a few figures)
2 units of Capadocian/Armenian light infantry with spear, javelins and shield.
(need to make these but will use some existing peltasts in the mean time)
1 unit of levies/mercenaries with bow; spear. (need to add 6 figures by refurbishing)

2 units of skirmishers (1 wing with sling, 1 with javelin) existing
1 unit of Ethiopean mercenaries with spear and bow (existing, 12 strong and used as skirmishers)
1 unit of skirmishing archers (exists but some have been temporarily co-opted by the Saka

plus 2 bolt throwers, 1 stone thrower, 1 unit of pioneers (pending)

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