Thursday, February 25, 2010

20 meets 25

More filler. Here is one of the 20mm Phrygians beside one of the25's, both primed white.

They both look like they'll paint up well. I'm looking forward to painting both units, the trick will be a simple pattern that looks complicated but is simple to paint and which looks like they are not in uniform and yet look alike. The current plan is a single coloured tunic in one of about 3 shades with different coloured sleeve, again in about 3 shades and trousers with coloured rings in a 3rd, contrasting colour. I won't end up with 24 unique figures but it'll be close.  Both Kannik and Funcken show coloured armour but I have a fondness  for dark brown leather armour with perhaps a bit of bronze. 

The spearman is clearly heavy infantry but I still haven't decided if the javelin types are light infantry with some armour or heavy infantry with javelins and that decison will be made after I paint them.  I am only 10 days away from my departure for my 4,000 km round trip drive to Cold Wars and need to focus on getting my part of the 18thC Charge! ganes ready. Next post on this blog will probably be in late March after my return.

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