Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shadows in the Desert

I made a couple of good finds in the flea market at Cold Wars, one of which relates to my Persians: a like-new if not new copy of :

Shadows in the desert: ancient Persia at war By Kaveh Farrokh

Only the first chapter deals with my newly acquired particular area of interest in the late Mede "empire" but thats more than I had. 

As a bonus, it has a lot of information on the Sassinids about whom I have little other than Armies & Enemies and various pictures of Peter Guilder's Sassinid army, oh and a couple of elephant kits and some spearmen and clibinari molds, oh and the tempting pictures of the Garrison Sassinids......... :)  Oh well, they're all Persians right?


  1. Ross,

    You might want to edit this post to remove a lot of the "carriage returns" that give all of that blank space at your post's end.

    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks Jeff, that ought to teach me not to review each post when made, even the trivial ones. I've no idea where the extra line feeds came from but they weren't supposed to be there!