Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Midlish Muster

The Earl of Cowcross'n arrives to take command of a West March muster.
(Any resemblance between the Arms of the imaginary earl and those of the historical Earl of Oxford are purely due to copying the latter.)

A short while ago a Westland raiding party slipped through the Midlands and into the Imperial Pale. Imperial forces repulsed the attack  but the Ambassador to the Midlish court complained to the King about the increasingly frequent incursions that Midland seemed unable or unwilling to prevent. The implied threat was that if the Midlish could not defend their borders, the Empire would do so for them. 

The King of course protested that the raiders often traveled by sea over which HE claimed no jurisdiction and that the Midlish borders  WERE secure. None the less, a courier soon left the castle heading towards Cowcross'n, seat of the Earl of Cowcross'n, Warden of the West March and the next day a summons went out calling the border levies to a muster.   

The Midlish West March Muster.
A mix of Garrison knights, Revenge Men-at-Arms and Scottish spearmen, and various odds and ends including one of my favorite figures, an armoured axeman from Minfigs Alexander Nevsky range who has been commanding Valdurian or Scottish spearmen for decades without ever resting his axe.
There are roughly this many figures again including around 3 dozen new Garrison figures  and a variety of older figures waiting for repair and re-basing.


  1. Very nice Ross. You've done a better job on the heraldry than I could.


  2. He Ross,

    Thanks for your reports. I always like to read them.
    Question about your ancient rules (gathering of hosts): firing: 2 dice a "stand" or rather a "unit"?
    Melee is per SP; so a unit with 1 SP receives still 2 fire dice?
    Take a look please.

    Greetings and sending you wishes for a happy new year with many new reports...


    1. Lex, thanks for picking that up. Everything used to be by "stand" and t looks like I missed 2 updates somehow.

      Yes the number of shooting dice is fixed regardless of strength partly there are various theoretical arguements that could be made but the overwhelming reason is practical, more than 2 dice is too deadly for the period and 1 is not enough to have any chance against many targets such as skirmishes and heavily armoured troops.

      The idea is that missile fire can wear troops down but it takes time although unarmoured levied infantry are vulnerable even to small amounts of missile fire. Melee on the other hand can be deadly quickly.

      Happy Solstice and New Year to you as well, there are battles brewing!