Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Last Look Back

One of the 1st wargame units I painted, was a unit of LMI (light-medium infantry for the uninitiated) with spear and bow. Thee were converted from Airfix Ancient British kneeling figures, short sleeved red shirts, leather jack, yellow pants, conical bronze helmet. Absolutely useless under WRG3, light infantry would outshoot them and heavy infantry could slauhter them in hand to hand. When I started thinking about those old armies, and checked my usual sources of inspiration from college days, I came up short. The bow and spear idea came from the Persian entry on the list of allowable double weaponry. But why did I think those Britons looked like Persians? Then I dug out an even older book as I started to prepare to refight Marathon.

  Well, well, lookie there! That's them in the middle, well pretty much. How about that?
The book is Stories of Great Battles by Robert N. Webb, illustrated by Shannon Stirnweis, published by Whitman Publishing Co in 1960.  More on the book and the Marathon refight on my other blog.

The good news is that I have started work again on organizing and rebasing as I prepare for a small spring campaign. More on this later this week.

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