Saturday, May 30, 2015

Save me!

I now have 18 Midlish and 25 Western units (60mm bases) ready to play. Some of the bases lack texture but at least they are all table green.

Some changes have been made since the last test the most important being:

1. Armour saves have been introduced to replace the -1 vs heavies modifier.
2. Additional troop types have been added and changes made to some specisl unit rules.
3. The restrictions on shooting and moving have changed. Light units may now move and shoot as per original game but only roll 1/2 dice. Medium bow units may only move or shoot but roll 1 die per strength point.

if all goes well the armies will march on Sunday.

The Western Woodland Horde.

Mostly Morchauser Shock Rules Test 6 Quick Reference 
(Note clean up done to troop names Sun am and to make armour saves match troop types pm)

  • Play Sequence. Alternate turns.
  • Active player moves and shoots units in any order
  • Resolve all melees
  • Movement.
    Infantry 6", Light Infantry 8", Cavalry 10", Light Cavalry 12", Artillery 4", flying creatures 12" May pass over units of either side. Great Beasts 10"
    Stop when entering a ford.
    Units may turn or move sideways as desired unless engaged or attacking but no part of stand may move more than move allowance.
  • Engagement Range. If a unit is within 2" of the enemy it is engaged. Moving to engagement range is an attack. When moving within 2" of enemy a unit must halt or move to contact an enemy. If starting within 2" of enemy front a unit must halt, move to contact or retreat.
  • Shooting. (Updated post test game) Light Infantry and Light Cavalry Archers may shoot then move or move then shoot but only roll 1 die per 2 strength points rounding up (if they move). They may not shoot and attack.  Infantry and Cavalry Archers and Artillery may either move or shoot but roll 1 die per remaining strength point. 

    1. Range: Foot Archers 12", Horse Archers 6" 
    2. Effect: Each 6 hits target in cover,  5,6 hits target in open. 
    3. Artillery: Range 18 hit on 2,4,6
    4. Limits. Must have line of sight. May not shoot if fording. May not shoot if self or target is engaged. LOS in woods 2"

  • Melee. If in contact both sides roll during the melee phase. Roll 1 die per remaining strength point Roll Melee Power or less to hit. Front/flank values. 

    1. Shock Cavalry 5/3, Cavalry Archers 4/2, Light Cav 4/2, Light Horse Archers, flyers 3/2 GB 5/3
    2. Shock Infantry 4/2, infantry archers 3/2, Pikemen 3/3,  Light Infantry 3/1, Light Spearmen 2/2, Light Archers 2/1 
    3. Modifiers: to power but never less than 1 after modifiers
      1. -1 to power if attacking uphill or out of stream or if any but Light Infantry or light archers in woods
      2. -1 to power  if enemy is behind hard cover or is pikes or spears in the open.

  • Armour Saves. When a unit takes a hit from shooting or in melee it may roll 1 die per hit to reflect the defensive benefit of any shields, helmets, armour, thick skins or ability to dodge. Troops with light armour or just a shield save on a 6. Troops with 1/2 armour and shield save on a 5,6, infantry in full armour and armoured cavalry on barded horses save on a 4,5,6.
  • Strength Points. All units start with 4 strength points except artillery which have only 2, and some exceptionally big and strong monsters. When all strength points are gone the stand is removed.
  • Commanders. Form part of unit or may be a single figure which may attach to any unit. Commander rolls extra die in melee. Commander will be last man killed on stand. If commander killed all units roll 1 die. 5,6 carry on, 3,4 retreat a full move, 1,2 Rout.
  • Army Morale. When an army has lost 1/2 of its units it may no longer shoot or attack or move into contact.

    1. Looking grat on ther new bases and ready for the fray.

    2. Ross I am trying the rules out today-
      with a few amendments for orcs and fire...