Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Summary for a Summery Test Game

I haven't had a chance to get too deep into discussions over the OS Fantasy project with Rob yet but I wanted to get another test game of the basics played before leaving  for Huzzah which is next weekend. I haven't rebased enough 25mm troops yet to play a full Morschauser game with 35 stands per side, but I do have enough 60mm bases of 40mm troops: pikemen, light infantry, archers, heavy and light cavalry. Did I mention canon and arquebusiers?  Oh well close enough.

The English Army: 10 bow/shot, 8 MI, 1 Lt Inf, 1 cannon, 5 HC, 5 MC, 5 LC.

I've thought about the rules a bit and come up with next to  nothing to add. For example one could argue about crossbows having better armour penetration but slower rate of fire and so on but the balance of simple but deadly rules is delicate. In any event, I thought I would prepare a summary for myself.

Mostly Morschauser Shock Rules Test 5
Quick Reference 
  1. Play Sequence. Alternate turns.
    1. Resolve continuing melees.
    2. Active player moves and shoots units in any order
    3. Resolve all melees
  2. Movement. In base wide increments.
    Hvy Inf, Med Inf  3, Lt Infantry, Archers 4, Heavy Cavalry 5, Light & Medium Cavalry 6, Artillery 1
    Stop when entering a ford.  Only Light Infantry and archers allowed in woods or on steep hills.
    Units may turn or move sideways as desired unless engaged or attacking but no part of stand may move more than move allowance.
    If 2+ Pike units turn back to back they form square instead of moving. Then then have no flank but may not move. 
  3. Engagement Range. If a unit is within range 1 of the enemy it is engaged. Moving to engagement range is an attack. When moving within range 1  of enemy a must halt or move to contact an enemy. If starting within 1 of enemy must halt, move to contact or retreat.
  4. Shooting. May then shoot then move or move then shoot but may not shoot then move into engagement range. Roll 1 die per remaining strength point.
    1. Range: Archers 6, Mtd Archers 4. 
    2. Effect: Each 6 hits Heavy or in cover,  5,6 hits all others. 
    3. Artillery: Range 12 hit on 2,4,6, range 6 hit on any but 6.
    4. Limits. Must have line of sight. May not shoot if fording. May not shoot if self or target is engaged. 
  5. Melee. If in contact both sides roll during each melee phase. Roll 1 die per remaining strength point Roll Melee Power or less to hit. Front/flank values. 
    1. HC 5/3, MC 4/2, LC 3/2 
    2. HI 4/2, MI 4/2, Pikemen 4/1,  LI 3/1, Archers 2/1 
    3. Modifiers: to power but never less than 1
      1. -1 to power if attacking uphill or out of stream
      2. -1 to power  if enemy is heavy or in cover or if cavalry fighting pikes frontally.
    4. Result. If neither destroyed a unit that took more hits than it gave will retreat 1 length. 
  6. Strength Points. All units start with 4 strength points except artillery which have only 2. When all are gone the stand is removed.
  7. Commanders. Form part of unit. Commander rolls extra die in melee. Commander will be last man killed on stand. If commander killed all units roll 1 die. 5,6 carry on, 3,4 retreat a full move, 1,2 Rout.
  8. Army Morale. When an army has lost 1/2 of its units it may no longer shoot or attack or move into contact.
FrancoScots: 12 pike, 3 MI, 4 LtI, 9 bow/shot, 2 cannon, 5 LC

Game Report and comments next Post.

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