Sunday, June 13, 2010

Phoney War

There is a unit of Lydians, 15 painted, 9 75% painted, and all the Persians are rebased and ready, well apart from the reinforcements that arrived  last week. Nubian archers that will be become Ethiopians and the Susa Regiment of infantry.  Some juggling will need to be done though. I have long pondered how and why the Ethiopeans are there and it suddenly occurred to me that Egypt was allied to Lydia and I intend to eventually include an allied Egyptian spear unit. It seems then that the Nubian and Ethiopean archers may well be sent by Egypt to fight for Lydia so I should flip them to the other army and raise a unit of Persian spearmen to replace them. Pictures of the revised Skythian, Saka, Hyrcanian and Ecbatana regiments will follow when I get otganized enough to take some..  

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