Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Background Check

It occurred to me today that I have been incredibly lax and oddly incurious about the geography of Anatolia. This was brought to ahead when rereading Saxetorph's blurb on 6thC Anatolia and I realized that I could not pinpoint Lake Van and didn't know anything about it. So, off to google & google maps and now I know where it is have zoomed around the surrounding mountains & valleys (virtually speaking), know that it is a large salic, sodium endorheic (having no outlook) lake. Hmmph!  Goes to show what you can miss by not looking. Sounds like something right out of one of those Conan stories which is why this next bit took my fancy, a video clip of the Lake Van monster! :

Well, what land locked lake doesn't have one? The Ogopogo, Nessie, have long loved 'em all and here is my very own monster in the midst of my very own not very historical ancients campaign. Haven't figured out quite how to work it in yet but its nice to know its there.

Now what I'd really like to find is easy, free access to more pictures of Greek vase paintings, old ones.


  1. Thousands of them out there Ross...


  2. hmm. Thank you! Every search I've done has come up with 100,000 hits most of 1st few hundred of which are repeats of a few common ones on blogs, etc, block me because I'm not a subscriber or are trying to sell me something, are too small to see clearly or at very least lack any context, 1stC 6thC, Italy? Ionia? etc , after which I get tired of clicking. Google is an odd animal. I've been meaning to go back to checking links but I'll start with what what you got and see what is there! Thanks!