Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kerkenes Dag

That's Pteria to Herodotus. Whilst killing time on the web, I came across a site on an archeological dig in Turkey on the Kerkenes Dag. There is good reason to believe that this may have been a Mede stronghold during the war with Lydia. Now, I'm not likely to build a huge fortress city on a mountain but its nice to have a  name for the advance base of my Mede army. Herodotus calls in Pteria but I like the sound of Kerkenes Dag. I also like the green colour in this shot, very close to the colour of my table!

picture of Kerkenes Dag taken from the website

btw for a minute I thought I had found a Google Books online copy of the volume of Hermathena containing Cobbe's  article "Alyattes ‘Median’ War"  but it turned out to be Issue XV when Issue CV is what is needed. Guess I have to wait another 100 years! 


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  1. Sheesh, Ross. I'm doped up on pain medications because of a bad knee (I've been "out of action" for over a week) . . . so I misread your so I kept wondering who Kerkenes was that we should be concerned about his dog.

    What kind of dog was he? Why was he important? I was a bit flummoxed until I realized that there was an "a", not an "o" in the middle of the word.

    All I can say is "Sheesh"! (I need to get my knee better, eh?)

    -- Jeff