Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ghosts from Pre-history

Completely irrelevent but having mentioned Queen Johanna I thought I'd post a picture of her in her wild improper days as well as a picture of my first metal unit.

She usually rode to war in armour on a white horse as in the B&W picture in the 2nd post but here she is in her chariot, dressed to kill. Johanna by McEwen Miniatures, Garrison Persian Chariot, converted Garrison driver (part saxon? part.....?)

And here is ....? Who would have thought I'd ever forget the name of one of the most sucessful generals that I have ever fielded? Definitely after the invasion of Dale which brought surcoats and heavy armour to Valdur. My first commander was a complex plastic conversion, he is pretty much an invalid these days, the 2nd was a Minifig Cassivlaunus iir, one of my least sucessful generals ever. At his horses' feet is the remaining fragment of the original Royal Standard with its twin motto's "Verite Devoir Valliance" and "Ouest" surrounding a setting sun. No points for originality I'm afraid sighhh. The infantry are 3 of my very first minifigs, 10 PB range Scots Irish from the spring of '74. I suspect they have been repainted at some point but the scheme is the broadly the same. Needless to say my plastic infantry were not impressed by the arrival of such heavy light troops!

Tomorrow back to the Medes


  1. The oldest figures I have left in my collection (at least that I bought new) are a few Minifigs Middle Earth fantasy figures. Clearly they were done by the same sculptor as your Scots Irish.

  2. I still have one unit left untouched from the old days - Aquileain horse archers

  3. I've just put some of my oldest figures on Ebay - a unit of Minifigs PB21 archers which also includes a couple of 'S'range archers. They are very much surplus to requirements - they always were, really, as I bought 60 of the things back in about 1970-1972. Now, though, the Garrison figures I'm casting for myself do their job.