Monday, March 20, 2017

De-radicalizing the Hosts

For a while now I've noted that my medieval/Renaissance troops rarely get off the shelf. I've been hoping that it was purely due to other commitments but at last as Huzzah approaches, I've had to admit to myself that, deep down, I'm not really happy with the way the rules have gone with generic everything, no units, vague, clinical language and so on.

Somewhere in France c1544.

So, after a single turn of a test game, I decided to stop and start over with something more conventional. Something with units  but with the old Rough Wooing variable moves and combat dice per stand.  The draft rules need a bit of work before posting, filling in blanks etc but the ensuing game was fun and felt right.

The fighting begins in earnest. 
(Which is to say before I kept forgetting to take pictures.)

Felt like another actually! I'll have another test game played and the rules posted by the weekend and hopefully a battle report.


  1. So ignore yesterday's pregame email? :D

    1. Nope, the email was sent between pausing and scribbling.

  2. Maybe you need some inspiration?
    I hope you have this title on your shelf:
    I like the French Wars of Religion scenarios.
    Another one is a colour history series by Time Life. I've only seen it in French, it is a history series on France. My local French library has the set, and I liked it so much I ordered many of them via Abebooks.
    (Histoire de france illustree)Les guerres de religion / 1547-1610

    1. Thanks Doug but no, I mostly looking to clear up the wording and make minor tweaks, not looking to go back to figure based games on this one. I have enough modern surveys for my needs, I just wish that I had more than 2 translations of period memoirs by soldiers.