Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blaug The Terrible

With eyes blazing, nostrils smoking, it is ...Blaug The Terrible! Terror of the toy shelf! 
uhh what? Oh! I see, Blaug the Terrible Blue Vinyl Toy Dragon. 
Yeah, try as he might Blaug is never going to be anything other than a repainted vinyl cartoon toy dragon with a pot belly and vestigial wings but what the heck. He's one of the few toys I have ever been given by my wife, I think it was meant 1/2 as a joke but.... anyway I felt the need for a dragon option and figured that twelve years of lurking on the shelf was enough.  At least he looks better in green than he did in bright blue with yellow and orange highlights with a tiny red tongue sticking out. Probably meant to be fire but it was hard to tell for sure.

HA! ooh! Hehe Hey Guys! Stop! That tickles!
(4cm Elastolin figures)

1 comment:

  1. I think he will serve well on the battlefield and surprise you.