Sunday, April 3, 2016

A New Host Gathers

This post is largely a repeat of today's post on my Battle Game of the Month blog. For those who don't follow that blog, I recently took delivery of a big box full of veteran ancient and medieval Elastolin 4cm figures. Enough figures that I can pursue a Gathering of Hosts fantasy campaign using them. Today I played a test game.

Somewhere in Gaul a detachment of Roman frontier infantry found themselves rousted from their nice warm quarters and marched off to a bridge which stood in between the walled city of Nulpartium and a Gathering Horde of Barbarians.
A Horde of Huns approaches at a mad gallop. Elastolin 4cm Huns. 
Since I was thinking about rules anyway and Rob and I still haven't had time to discuss more detail on what is wanted for the planned co-hosted fantasy massed battle game tentatively scheduled for Fall In, I opened the box. Recent games crossed with this week's putterings led me to make one big change and some small ones. The big change was to go back to a more Featherstonian play sequence with initiative then A moves, B moves, both shoot and both melee. The small change was largely a matter of adjusting combat details to make them less fussy after the last set of games. The updated minimalist rules summary can be found here. (click)
More Elastolin 4cm figures, Romans this time. Both pictures are a mix of my existing collection and some of the new-to-me veterans. Any multiple bases are temporary. Still stymied by the continuing fuzzies but looks like some of the battle shots may be better.
That's it for today. A brief battle report of the overall best Gathering of Hosts game yet will appear on the Gathering of Hosts blog tomorrow. Then, win or lose, the Huns will move on to the siege of Nulpartium.

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