Thursday, June 7, 2012

What did the Romans ever do for us?

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to see a small packet  from Garrison after Rob's comment about sample Romans. Thank you Rob!

When I got my Sassinids and Medievals, my first thoughts were a tumble of "I want more/I want to paint them". With the Romans, my thoughts were. Hmmm. Maybe.
LtoR: Garrison S&S, Romans, painted Sassinid. PA Barbarian, Garrison 20mm Phyrgian.

I love the officer and standard bearer.Classic Garrison. The officer probably won't wait for a Roman army and I can see getting more for whatever Romans I end up with..

I like rather than love the legionnaire. He is noticeably taller and sturdier than all my other figures.  Not impossibly so and I don't mind the officer being a little smaller. If he was a Barbarian, I'd have no qualms but some how, I expect the barbarians to be bigger than the Romans, even if the latter are from a Legion recruited from the Gallic fringe. To make matters worse, I was thinking of recruiting some barbarians from my Prince August molds. These go nicely with my few remaining Garrison Saxons which I want more of (we're edging back into fantasy here)   and even better with my few Garrison 20mm figures but  are a definite mismatch with the big Roman. 

The figures actually look better side by side in the photo than in person (maybe angles or the fact that the Sassinid has some basing remnants under his stand) and in any case, in separate units on the table they would probably be ok.  If I had an alternate source of Romans in mind it might be easier but there aren't that many  old 25mm Romans about. What I'd really like is a few dozen of the Minifig AR Range Roman throwing Pila that I once had  but that's not likely to happen and I was never that fond of the PB replacements. I've never seen the Warrior or Tradition 25mm Romans up close so eventually samples may be in order. 25mm can mean a lot of different things to different people.  Looking at the PA barbarian, Garriosn 20mm Romans might work but I really don't want to get started on Romans this year so the matter is not pressing. Time to paint them up and check if the "attacking figure" is the same bulk.

Rob also included some of the 28mm Late Roman cavalry. Keeping my mother's teaching in mind, I'll just show a shot of them next to one of the exquisite Sassinid  Cataphracts that I want more of:



  1. The marching EIR legionary is a pose I would use when I do my 20mm Romans, but sadly I don't have a mould for him and the only figure I have is damaged. If I ever get my hands on some.....

    The Late Romans are getting towards the larger sizes. Actually, I quite like the Heavy Cavalry figure, though the head is a bit too big. I'm seriously thinking of a DBA type army with them.

    I already have some Romans - plastic Airfix, Atlantic and Ross, plus some Lamming, but the metal army is Irregular. It would fit in well with your figures, but I don't know whether it has been 'updated' in the last 20-25 years or so:

    I really need to have a major photo session sometime, this one isn't very good.


  2. My Late Roman was 90% Hinchliffe, all shields drawn from units stationed in Britain, I took it to origins somewhere around 1981 and played in my only official WRG tournament. Started out trouncing a Barbarian Conspiracy and went on to lose the North America title on the last die roll of a long game. Sadly they were sold for grocery money a few years later during one of the rough patches.

    Lots of time to think about it. Horse Archers first. I'm thinking about cutting the shield and spear off some Persian light cavalry and putting a bow in their hand so I'll have some to match. Even 1 in 3 would serve notice that these are horse archers. I think I have an unpainted one leftto act as guinea pig. If I can just find him amongst the masses.

  3. Since last posting yesterday I've gone mad and had a 20mm photosession. You might like it. Garrison 20mm Persian, Greek, Assyrian and Egyptian galleries:

    150 Garrison 20mm Persian cavalry in one shot anyone?


  4. Wow! There are some great figures in there. I really do need to get painting!