Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Gathering

Garrison Sassanid slingers and mountaineers, finally getting a chance to skirmish in front of Elephants and Levy Spearmen and feeling good about it.

I had finally managed to drag myself away from the ancients to work on my Horse & Musket stuff when along comes Parum Pugna  and all those lovely once upon a time  ancients, and well, here I am putting figures on the table and working on a new version of Gathering of Hosts and looking forward to my Not Really Historical At All campaign.  I've also been dipping into my brother-in-law's stack of abandoned Neo-Conan books so maybe I'll just slip in those sorcerer and various beastie types from last summer and wrap up all the non-historical and fantasy stuff into one package. Maybe. 

So, the rules. I have enjoyed the games of Basic Impetus that I've played against Ron but as a solo game it doesn;t attract me for some reason. I am committed to maintaining compatibility with Ron's armies for gaming on his Hexon terrain (he now has a copy of C&C to study)  but I don;t have the time and energy to commit to building a hex lay out myself so I am sticking with rules where each stand is a unit, written for a plain surface but easily adaptable to hexes.  

Having come up with a few ideas, I dropped 12 units aside and played a simple encounter. I'm thinking of this as a minimum size of game and as all units being of equal "points" value as each has uses, strengths and weaknesses. With that rough framework in mind, I proceeded to play and ended up with the following. As with most back of a postcard rule sets there are many unstated assumptions, some of which will hopefully be explained when I get the set properly written up. 

I'll put the short version of the rules in a separate post.


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