Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lost in Time

Alas a busy week including a long weekend away has driven the details of rules and the last game out of my head.

The Barbarians deployed 6 companies of lightly armoured infantry trained in shieldwall and shock tactics, 2 companies of archers and a company of light shock cavalry.  Two of the infantry stands contained a commander. Off table were 3 companies of  heavy shock cavalry inc General and 6 stands of horde archers.

The Midlish force fielded 4 stands on pikemen, 3 of swordsmen, 2 archers and 3 knights, 2 on armoured horses. Apart from the Earl there were 2 infantry captains.

The shieldwalls proved tough opposition for the knights and for the pikemen but eventually they were broken just as the barbarian reinforcements arrived. The combination of cavalry and archers proved too much for the swordsmen who were a bit down on their luck. By turn 6 the Midlish held the objective and were braced for the counter attack.

<Please insert mental picture of one of the photos I was sure that I had taken of the 2nd half.>

The horse archers began by riding around taking pot shots while the Barbarian knights moved into position but given the short amount of time remaining, and the shortage of space, the horse archers needed some extra luck to do more than weaken the enemy and eventually one group got caught when evading and another group evaded off the table and out of the battle. The final charge by the Barbarian knights supported by the horse archers came close to breaking the Midlish knights but not close enough and the Barbarian morale collapsed with the death of their General.

There will be more of these games ahead in the next few months. Some with magic, some with walls and siege engines, some big and some small but hopefully with increasingly better presentation with names, background stories, terrain and bases.

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