Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Re-awakening of Hosts

I was wrong. It's not easier putting all posts on 1 blog, its harder! So the 25mm medieval fantasy campaign is coming back here.

Garrison Saxon Fyrd being recruited into the Northern Confederation as peasant levies.

Early next year I will be sorting out my 25mm figures and making final decisions on how many troops and kingdoms are needed for this venture.

I have already decided that the some or all of the Scots from the Westfolk will rejoin the Midlands army. This will make the Westfolk untenable as a power so I am looking at the old Valdurian Dalriada alliance or in other words merging the wilder parts of the Westfolk with elements of the Northern Confederation, including some non- human ones and also wondering if the Scythian types should again fight for the Great King.

That would leave me with 3 very different armies for gaming and a slightly greater leftover figure pile but also  fewer OS 25mm figures to paint or refurbish allowing me to focus on other things.

Stay tuned!


  1. Ross, you're like me; few months and you'll have another rearrangement of forces. I think I'm on to about my third since I started my own blog!

    Happy New Year