Saturday, April 11, 2015

Couldn't help myself

All I really wanted was a bit of modelling putty and the first place this side of the border that has any was RAFM. Seemed a shame to pay all that postage for just one thing.

RAFM 25mm Character RAF03922
She'll find a home in the West Folk Host, probably leader of one of the bands of forest critters and woodsmen despite her Desert Warrior listing. My Historical Ancients credentials have just slipped another notch but I'm enjoying myself.

Usual light grey prime and cheap craft acrylics.

Still haven't got the putty, hopefully its back ordered. In the meantime, "Something wicked this way comes"........


  1. Great figure,who cares about Historical Ancients credentials anyway!
    I look forward to seeing the West Folk Host in action - soon I hope.

  2. Always liked RAFM figures - my son Steven has a mainly RAFM Reptiliad army whereas I use RAFM for my Greek artillery, plus have a number of (still unpainted) Cthulhu figures. With my current Fantasy strand I imagine it won't be long before I add to my RAFM horde.