Sunday, February 22, 2015

Race to the Fords Pt 1.

At last winter has eased up enough for me to get a small Gathering of Hosts game on the table. Looking at the leftover scenery I decided to go for a raiding party of Men of the West trying to slip past the Midlish border lords.

The Men of the West,  nicely organized by the dice, make a dash for the fords.

I've been thinking about how many or how few troop types I want to deal with and come to the conclusion that I want fewer and as proposed last year I have begun to rewrite the rules specifically for what I am doing in this campaign. With that in mind the forces used were:

Raiding Party:
General: The Witch Morgana, Mistress of the Mist. She is accompanied by a sole Heroic Bodyguard and is not a unit. She does not fight in battle if attached to a unit but the Dragon's Breath mist that she can summon will provide cover for the unit against shooting and in melee.
3 units of light cavalry lancers
6 units of unarmoured light infantry including some archers and swordsmen. I diced for each unit to see which edge square they began on.

The Midlish border village contained a unit of billmen and a unit of light infantry archers.

There were 2 converging Midlish columns rushing to cut off and punish the raiders but both ended up coming on the same road.

The Black Company: Subgeneral unit of knights, unit of lancers and unit of crossbowmen.

The Earl of Cowcross: General with unit of knights, unit of lancers and 2 units of light infantry archers.

More to come in a day or so along with a link to the rules as played.

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