Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Posting of Hosts

Now that I am doing 95% of my blogging  and writing on a 7" tablet I'm finding that some applications lose something in their android form. In this case the Google Drive app allows  me to share with specified individuals but not to create a link for anyone to use so I am converting rules to html pages on my blogs. Formatting  html pages using blogger and a tablet has been ....interesting.... but hopefully their accessibility will make up for any shortcomings in formatting. 

The Earl of Cowcross leads a Midlish force to block the enemy's path.

The Gathering  of Hosts rules have now been modified to fit in with The Square Brigadier and honed a little. The results are posted at left. (Mobile users will need to switch to desktop for now) or
click here: Gathering of Hosts .

Today I played an enjoyable solo  test game of the revised rules set in the Five Kingdoms,  pitting a Midlish force against one of the Great  King's periodic incursions. A report will follow.
The Great King's men march west in hope of plunder.


  1. Ross I will print the rules off today and have a go at them soon.
    I look forward to the battle report from you...

  2. I found blogging on a tablet to be less than satisfactory. The blogger app that Google provides did not play well with my iPad, and didn't allow me to upload pictures or link them from Imageshack. I also found that the iPad often tends to choke or crash when doing things with Google Blogger. The NYT tech section now reports something coming called a "Phablet", you heard it hear first, an unholy marriage of the smart phone and tablet. Me, I'll stick to blogging on my Mac laptop, which is a wonderful thing.

    1. Not surprisingly the google app works fairly well with android devices however it doesn't have the ability to place the pictures within the text so I just work in my browser (chrome).