Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pass the Maple Syrup Please.

Nothing better for waffles.

I haven't been spending much time or mental energy on Ancients but did momentarily decide late in the summer  that I had been right originally  and maybe OS with big units on a big table with no grid was better than the way I had been heading towards 1 base units. No games followed this thought.

I did try to get something  going last weekend but ended up working on a small board with square grid for playing games down in the family room during the winter instead. Now of course I want an ancient or medieval game for the new, small, gridded board. Looking at my incomplete revised medieval armies and the still incomplete Iranian armies, I am reminded just how little painting I seem to do these days. This in turn reminds me how much fun I've had this year playing small games at Ron's. All of a sudden the big Ancient game starts to feel more nostalgic than realistic goal for the short term.

A Scots army at about 75% of full strength. The other 300% are still on their old bases.

There is too much non-gaming stuff going on for this to be a good time for sudden drastic action and or for a rewrite but luckily I kept the rules as grid-friendly as I could so no more than an appendix giving rules for moving on a square grid and translating multiples of 4" into areas.   Then, maybe as early as tomorrow I will put some medieval's on the new board and see how it goes.

The Scots in action earlier this year.


  1. Hey Ross,

    Are you in danger of reinventing DBA?

    Albeit with a gridded option?

    Half in jest,


    1. Greg, yes and no. I stole and adapted the pips idea from DBA but otherwise, apart from the grid, the game has more in common with Armati, Basic Impetus and Joe Morschauser and now with a hint of Battlecry. That said, Big Battle DBA would not be that far off. However, I am back to the idea of a universal wargame structure with period and troop/weapon rules bolted on.

    2. Ross,

      Been re-reading the rules this week. I'm looking forward to your next battle report!

      Best wishes,


  2. Last photo is great and the game looks fun.Roll on more ancients and medievals.
    best wishes

    1. Technically this one is supposed to be for my Ancients only but I think I'll increase the scope and slip the medievals in.