Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Garrison Journal 2012

When news of a limited release 40th Anniversary Garrison Journal appeared on Vintage Wargaming, I thought to myself "must contact Rob about getting  a copy". Given the blindingly slow speed with which I generally tackle such things I was tickled pink when a copy appeared in a mailbox a day or so later. What a delightful little publication, as OS as the figures themselves. Well worth a few bucks.

My second thought of course was "ooh hope there'll be more" followed by ' I wonder what I could contribute", rather stuck there but its early days.

In the mean time some related bits of trivia.

It was 1976 when I bought my Sassinid slingers and javelinmen at a little shop in Ottawa.

I did actually have a small number of the Rose ECW figures. They were small and poorly detailed to my eye, esp the hats and heads and the 2 part, no base horses. Nothing like the Prestige ancients. My first pike & shot unit was composed of the much larger, much more my taste Garrison figures. Another of the units lost between graduation and HMCS Ottawa.

It was around 1986 that I got a listing of garrison and Benassi figures from Danial Borris , Artistic Enterprises (if I read my old handwriting properly) in Ontario but the garrison listing was printed by All Saints Parish Church,  Downshire Square, Reading. Alas after getting an order of Bennasi Greeks, something  happened and I didn't get to fill all my visions of  missing Garrisons at the time.


  1. Hi Ross

    Glad that you liked it.

    Main purpose of this was to produce something for the 40th Anniversary of the last one and just send a few copies out to people I thought might be interested in having a copy. Never looked on it as an actual publication as such, and haven't really considered doing any more. To be perfectly honest, doubt whether enough people would be interested enough in one to make it worth while.


  2. That sounds like a Journal worth having! Isn't it interesting that despite all that has come and gone in the intervenig years (and decades!), here we are once again fooling around with what are essentially 1970s toy soldiers. I suppose it's progress of a sort...

  3. Quite happy to print copies off for people at cost - in the UK works out at £2.50 including p&p.

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