Friday, July 13, 2012

A Hex on Both Your Armies.

Wow, was that last post really 3 weeks ago?
King Daryros the Rebel, leads his men onto the field.

Anyway, I decided that i wanted to stay with the hexes for my ancients so reworded the rules. They can be used fairly easily without a grid by counting an "area" as 4" wide or such distance as pleases you, and measuring 60 degree arcs. I tightened things up a bit, swapped +/- die modifers for adding and subtracting dice per unit modifiers for combat. Can't do that when the number of dice is based on how many guys are in a unit but works well when its dice per unit. Also borrowed an idea and now allow units are allowed to swap up to 1 missile fire hit for a retreat if they wish.

The largely mercenary advance guard of the army of Alexandria the Farthest is led onto the field by Kinbg Antirossus himself.

 The first test game was small, an advance guard Teaser from Battlegames  but everything worked like a charm. A bigger one to follow when the heat in my games room abates.
King Antirossus , at the head of his Companions, puts the boots to King  Daryros's Rebels.

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