Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Gathering of Posts

Please visit  and 
The Gathering of Hosts (5 Kingdoms) Page 
for more on the armies and wars of the Five Kingdoms.

Hard to believe but in 30 days it will be 6 years since I began this, my first blog (as opposed to website).  My original mission statement still stands in broad terms though the result is now 5 smaller armies in 1 setting vs 2 and that setting is medieval/fantasy ve ancients but it is still based on a core of my original 25mm armies.

A glance at the posting totals for GofH shows that it has struggled for attention against the Battle Game of the Month with about 1/5th the number of posts, and initially, all the battle reports went there. I'm making some changes to my main blog and decided that its time to give myself a break and maintain a single blog plus pages.

Work is about to get underway on the Army of the Northern Confederation. A mix of refurbished Minifigs from the original Valdurian army of the early '70s with Garrison and Prince August figures. Check for progress.

The idea is that each of my remaining collections will have a living page attached to the blog which will summarize the setting, perhaps with some potted history, and then go on to catalogue the armies as they grow. The Battlegame blog itself will still host battle reports,  rules discussions, new figures and basically whatever I feel the urge to blog about.

This blog will be left available to anyone who wishes to browse the archives for as long as Blogger is willing to host it.