An Old Midlish Rhyme
The wind from the North sings of heroes of Olde
The wind from the East makes our blood run Cold
The wind from the South smells of Spices and Gold
But the wind from the West tells of warriors Bold.

Monday, November 29, 2021

The East Watch Beacon Is Lit!

Rumours are constant on the frontier. Few are true but none can be ignored so the garrison at Eastford has been on alert for a week. A call for reinforcements has gone out, and mounted patrols of the river have been doubled.  Then one day.....

Alarm! Enemy in sight!

The local frontier garrisons are used to small raiding parties but this looks like an army marching towards them. The men peer over the palisade and some could be seen clenching their fists, shaking them and then opening them like men throwing bones in a tavern while muttering: "Lady Luck be with us".


  1. Hope the wind isn't blowing from the east!
    I love the hand gesture you described, nice touch.

    1. These little guys live and die by the roll of a die, surely that must affect their beliefs and rituals?

  2. Great picture - I like the ruined tower on the hill.

    1. Just a little atmospheric reminder of games and campaigns from decades past.

  3. The picture promises an exciting story ahead…