An Old Midlish Rhyme
The wind from the North sings of heroes of Olde
The wind from the East makes our blood run Cold
The wind from the South smells of Spices and Gold
But the wind from the West tells of warriors Bold.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Host Gathers For The Raid

 The talking is over. A plan has been agreed upon and the the raiders have mustered

The Valdurian component, led by the now recovered Prince Wyngnuht, is on the right as the eldest of the Federation. They are represented by one company of lancers and two of light cavalry. Two companies of the Federation Horse Guards are in the middle supported by a company of Dalish archers and two companies of Others from the mercenaries forces who guard the Great Pass which leads from Dale, past the Black Tower and into the heart of the Midlands. The Herdsman, with the largest force, form the left with 4 companies of archers, 4 of light cavalry and 2 of Lancers, 1 of which contains the Horse Master who has been given command of the expedition since he has the largest force.

With the Midlish army licking its wounds behind the Black Tower, and the Free Folk still harassing the Midlish Northwestern border, it was thought best to flank the Midlish defences by moving swiftly through the East Pass into the debated lands and crossing the Great River that runs down to the Middle Sea before the East Marchers of the Midlands can muster and block the crossings.

The horns were sounded, and the march began.


  1. Exciting build up - I do like the map and markers

  2. Can’t wait , great build up- old friends on evocative map.

  3. That map with figures on it looks like it would make for a fun game in itself.

  4. OK, When I look at it, why does 'Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler' go through my mind?