An Old Midlish Rhyme
The wind from the North sings of heroes of Olde
The wind from the East makes our blood run Cold
The wind from the South smells of Spices and Gold
But the wind from the West tells of warriors Bold.

Friday, August 13, 2021

A Tale From The Days Of Long Ago

 The days when the warriors of Valdur were smaller and more flexible.

Dismayed by the encroachments of the Sea Raiders, King Aerophix led his host against the enemy.

Despite the enemy's armour and his shield wall, the Valdurian cavalry swept around the enemy right flank while the Valdurian  light troops harassed and slowed his centre.  

The battle was short and bloody. King Aerophix was lightly wounded but refused to let his chariot retreat lest his men lose heart. Inspired by their king, the Valdurians enveloped the Sea Raider line and cut them to pieces.  King Orion himself was severely wounded but his men did not abandon him. Drawing close around his wounded body, they carried him back to their ships to raid again when his wounds were healed.


  1. This looks interesting, Ross! Which rules are you using for this gridded game?

  2. It was very impromptu. Armies organized as my contribution to a Dragon Rampant event at Huzzah a few years ago but I didn't feel like trying solo DR so I improvised a quick game using my Gathering of Hosts rules but dropped the giants and the magic cauldron for raising undead since I haven't quite gotten to the fantasy side of things for my rules.I think the game lasted about 15 minutes but it was enough.

  3. What basing size do you use? I have some 1/72s I want to base on rectangles rather than squares.

    1. The bases are 60mm wide and either 40mm or 60mm depending largely on what looks good and what sort of figures are involved (eg the chariot was never going to fit anything smaller.)

      I based these to match my friend Rob's existing armies for when we cohost a game at a convention/show. Its basically the old wrg base sizes from last century but compatible with HoTT and many other rules (we were using Dragon Rampant at Huzzah!) but we're not sticklers and my home rules don't care.

    2. Thanks! I’ll have a look and see what fits on a 60x40. I have a couple of the Dark Alliance Elves and Barbarians 1/72 sets.
      I’ve played a few games with Gathering of Hosts and love the rules. I have your character and magic rules from a few years back as well.
      Although I don’t have them in 1/72 yet, I do have great beasts and artillery in 10mm. I can’t see modifiers for them in the shooting and melee rules. What do you suggest for handling those unit types?

    3. Good question! The beasts only appear in movement. The rest can vary so much that it really depends on the models and what you think they represent. I think I counted mine as equivalent to elite armoured infantry. If they are carrying archers I'd probably say shoot like infantry archers.

      Artillery is covered in shooting. In melee they probably should be specifically mentioned rather than being covered by the default rules. Essentially the get the basic factor with no modifiers unless you choose to add some but that would vary by the details, esp in a fantasy setting!

      Hope that helps but by all means feel free to make suggestions and ask questions. Since the posts are old comments go to moderation but eventually find them. :)