An Old Midlish Rhyme
The wind from the North sings of heroes of Olde
The wind from the East makes our blood run Cold
The wind from the South smells of Spices and Gold
But the wind from the West tells of warriors Bold.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Not Dead Yet!

Being at loose ends, I decided that it was time to add a few more 1/72nd figures to round off my portable, card table, ancient/medieval/fantasy collection. But, before the gaming comes the painting and before that comes the choosing and sorting from the box of stray pre-gunpowder little plastic soldiers.

The Valdurian tribes and the Men of the Sea face off with the army of the Duke of Dale in a long ago age. A truce has been agreed upon until all the soldiers on both sides are dressed. 

There just might be a game before the year is done.


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