2017 Gathering of Hosts Off Grid

Gathering of Hosts Medieval/Fantasy Rules.
Summary as played July 2017.

Groups. A Group is 1 stand or multiple stands which are touching and aligned.

Measuring. All measuring is in terms of lengths which are anything that works for you.  I usually use 3" with my 25's on 60mm bases.

Initiative. Draw a card each turn to see who goes first. Include chance cards if desired.

Sequence. Active side moves and/or shoots all units then resolves melee group by group.

Command. If group is not within 6 lengths of Commander must roll: 
5,6 obey orders, 3,4 1/2 move no charge unless shock troops, 1,2 No Move.  -1 if Levy +1 If Elite/Veteran

  • 2 lengths  for Infantry, Artillery or Wagons, 3 lengths for Light Infantry, Great Beasts or Heavy Cavalry, 4 lengths for Cavalry, 5 lengths for Light Cavalry.  
  • Charge to front only. A stand may not shoot and charge.
  • Single stands may move any direction and change facing. Groups may only wheel unless drilled.
  • Group within 1 length of front of enemy may only move towards it or retreat away from it. 
  • To form or reform a group, a designated guide stand must stand still. Pikes can form square if they don't move.
  • Woods etc lose 1 length if Infantry, 2 if any mounted. 
  • Skirmishers may move through others, cavalry may move through freindly skirmishers. 

Missile Fire.

  • Target must be to front except horse archers may fire to rear. 45 degree arc either side of ahead.
  • Shoot once per turn
  • Archers shoot 2 dice at 4  lengths if they do not move that turn, 
  • Horse Archers and Skirmishers may shoot 1 die at 2 lengths then move,
  • Artillery shoot 1 die at 8 lengths if they do not move that turn and are deployed. Takes a whole move to deploy or pack up mobile artillery.  
  • 5,6 hits Owner of group chooses where to put hit.
    +1 if artillery
    -1 vs cover or heavy. 
  • Stands in contact roll vs enemy in contact with front. Hits go on opposing stand in contact. 
  • Roll 2 dice per stand except 1 if skirmishers  
  • add 1 die for each overlapping friend not itself in contact
  • add 1 die if shock troops charging or if any pursuing
  • lose 1 die if any but light infantry and skirmishers are in or charged through woods or over an  obstacle.
  • Each 5,6 hits
  • -1 per die vs enemy who is heavy or in cover or is spearmen being attacked from the front
  • Commander in contact rolls extra die but 1=wounded. Roll again 1=dead o/w out of action 1 turn.
After Melee.
  • Remove destroyed stands.
  • A stand still in contact that took more hits than it inflicted will recoil 1 length unless blocked. The opposing stand may follow up if they charged this player turn and must do so if Impetuous. 
  • Strength. Hits are a mix of casualties, fatigue, fear etc. When a stand has taken as many hits as its strength it is removed. Light infantry and all Cavalry take 3 hits, other Infantry take 4 hits. 
       +1 hit if Heavy
       +1 hit if Elite/Veteran
       -1 hit if levy.
  • Rally. A Stand with 2 or more hits which is not within bow shot of enemy may Rally instead of moving. Roll 1 die 5,6 recovers 1 hit.
  • Commander Morale. Army losing 1/2 stands concedes unless scenario overrules. Scenario Objectives may be used to boost morale.

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