2019 Gathering of Hosts Wargame Rules

Gathering of Hosts Medieval/Fantasy Rules.
Summary January 2019.

Battlelines. A Battleline is a group of stands which are touching and aligned at the start of a turn.
Skirmishers. A single stand of light infantry or cavalry may use the skirmisher rules.

Measuring. All measuring is in terms of inches. 

Sequence. Assign a card to each Commander. When a card is drawn that commander moves and shoots his  units then resolves melee.  When all Commanders have gone shuffle and start again. 

Command. A unit or battleline not within 12" of Commander must roll before moving: 

  • 5,6 obey orders, 
  • 3,4 no advance, 
  • 1,2 No Move.  
  • +1 If Elite/Veteran
  • -1 if Levy or mercenary 

Battle lines move at speed of slowest unit)
  • 2d6"  for Infantry, Artillery or Wagons,
  • 3d6" for Light Infantry, Great Beasts, 
  • 4d6" for Cavalry. 
  • -1d6 if Heavily Armoured 
  • Charge to front only. A stand may not shoot and charge. Charging stands align with opposing stands. Skirmishers charged by infantry may retreat a full move facing away.
  • Manoeuvre. Single stands may move any direction and change facing. Battlelines move sideways or backwards at 1/2 speed. They may spend a whole turn to reorder stands and may change facing while doing so. Infantry may form square with no flank or rear but then move 1/2 speed and may not charge.
  • Units within 3" of enemy front may only move towards it or retreat away from it.
  • Woods and broken ground. Light Infantry Skirmishers move full, other Infantry move 1/2. Cavalry moves 1/4 others may not move off road.
  • Skirmishers may move through others or be moved through. 

Missile Fire.
  • Target must be to front except horse archers may fire all around. 45 degree arc either side of ahead.
  • Shoot once per turn
  • Archers shoot 2 dice at 12" if they do not move that turn, 
  • Skirmishers with bows or javelins may shoot 1 die at 6". They may shoot then move or move then shoot,
  • Artillery shoot 2 dice at 24" if they do not move that turn and are deployed. Takes a whole move to deploy or pack up mobile artillery.  
  • 5,6 hits.
    -1 vs cover or heavy armour unless artillery.
  • Stands in contact roll vs enemy in contact with front. Hits go on opposing stand in contact. 
  • Roll 2 dice per stand except 1 if skirmishers  
  • +1 die if battle line for each adjacent friend not itself in contact 
  • lose 1 die if any but light infantry fighting in or having charged across broken terrain
  • @ 5,6 hits
  • +1@die if shock troops charging
  • -1 @ die vs heavy armour or cover or spearmen who are facing
  • Commander in contact rolls extra die but 1=Commander takes 1 hit. 
After Melee.
  • Remove destroyed stands.
  • Cavalry and light infantry which charged and did not destroy the enemy may now retreat 2d6" facing the enemy.  
  • Strength. Hits are a mix of casualties, fatigue, fear etc. When a stand has taken as many hits as its strength it is removed. Light infantry and all Cavalry take 3 hits, other Infantry take 4 hits. 
      +1 hit if Heavy
      +1 hit if Elite/Veteran
      +1 if Commander
      -1 hit if levy.
  • Rally. A Stand with 2 or more hits which is not within 3" of enemy may Rally instead of moving. Roll 1 die 5,6 recovers 1 hit.
  • Battle Morale. All of the stands assigned to a Commander form a Battle. If  1/2 the stands under a Commander are lost the Battle is Broken and remaining stands will retreat and may be removed   

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