Sunday, March 26, 2017

Turning Back Time

After much thought about what the objective is, reviewing of various past rules, rolling some dice and revisiting a stack of books from Montluc to Oman to Gush and on and on into the 21st Century,.........I decided to roll the clock back ten years and start with the original Rough  Wooing rules that Rob and I put together for 2005 and begin meddling again from that start point with the experience of a number of convention and club games under my belt amongst other things.

Turn 4 just getting underway.
So, essentially, the old card activation, the old variable length moves not rolling for every skirmisher stand, a simpler command control roll, simplified manoeuvres, improved (hopefully) combat and simplified morale.

Here is a link to the rough draft being tested.

I am considering this as a variant of the Gathering of Hosts so, if it works as intended, I will do a version for medieval fantasy battles using the ideas and mechanisms with different troop types.

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